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Masaaki Kitazume | President of Choyo Co., Ltd.Choyo Co., Ltd. has, for almost a century, provided electrical installation services ever since our first job in 1919 at the request of the Asahi Shimbun Company.
In 2019, we will be feting our 100th year of business and it is only appropriate that we pause to express our gratitude and appreciation to our customers and the many other stakeholders to whom we owe this milestone.

Masaaki Kitazume | President of Choyo Co., Ltd.Electricity is quite often taken for granted, but life often cannot function without it. That alone causes us to think, since electrical installation is our business, that we have to be nearby and ready to serve every place where electricity is used.
Therefore, at Choyo, quality means assigning each customer a project leader to watch over the system from the start of installation until the completion of a new building, and even after the start of operation as far as possible.

In recent years, there have been changes in way that electricity is used.
Two quick examples are power recycling that uses renewable energies like solar power, and economically smart applications that efficiently reduce power consumption via zoning control for lighting and air-conditioning.
Projects like these do not render adequate results unless we get close with the customer and accurately understand their situation.
I’m a staunch believer that steadily installing, maintaining and improving each individual system is of great benefit to the customer.

Just like these past 100 years, we will continue to be by the customer’s side for the coming 100 years.

Masaaki Kitazume | President of Choyo Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

NameChoyo Co., Ltd.
EstablishedMay 8, 1919
Headquarters1-1-49, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0002
Phone: +81-6-6385-1361
Capital50 million JPY
Line of businessElectrical installations and services
Construction licensesCertificate of the License Granted (TOKU-27) No. 4106
Certificate of the License Granted (HAN-27) No. 4106
Telecommunication, Fire protection facilities
Notification to Kinki Bureau of METI No. 4624
OfficersChairman: Takashi Yamamoto
President: Masaaki Kitazume
Executive Director: Yasuyoshi Fuchida
Executive Director: Masa Ahara
BanksResona Bank, Shiga Bank, other

As of March 2016

Osaka Sales Office

3-34-6, Tarumi-cho, Suita, 564-0062
Phone: +81-6-6385-1361

Kyoto Sales Office

21 Kadono-cho, Nishikyogoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 615-0882
Phone: +81-75-311-1185

Shiga Sales Office

4F Daini Works One, 3-4-28, Chuo, Otsu, Shiga, 520-0043
Phone: +81-77-526-3069